About US

"Golf Fore Chicks” was the brainstorm of an over worked, over traveled, very tired corporate executive. After twenty-five years of being at the beck and call of the corporate behemoths of the world, I decided to make a change.  And, if I am being honest, I was not pleased with what my sixty-plus hour weeks were doing to my golf game.

My passion for golf began fifteen years ago when my husband, a scratch golfer in his own right, bought me my first set of clubs. Before long, the golf bug bit hard, and I became addicted.   Shortly after I took up chasing the little white ball around, we moved to the Atlanta area, which has a huge golf presence.  Golf soon became my way to meet new friends.  Amazingly, during our first weekend in the area, I met several great women while playing a round at our new golf club.  They were very successful in the corporate world, but, like me, they also loved the game of golf.  These women soon became not only my golfing buddies, but my best friends.  We have been here thirteen years, and I still play at least one round of golf a week with these wonderful women.  Our children have grown up together, and we laugh and cry together over life’s trials and tribulations.  Oh, and sometimes we shed tears of laughter and sadness on this maddening game we call golf.  It is a four letter word, ya know?

Through the years, the handicaps in our little group of addicted women golfers have dropped.  So, we took the next step and began playing in tournaments together. We take the game a little more seriously now than we used to ….but not too serious.  A few dollars are always on the line, and a beverage (or two) is always shared on the 19th hole.

Through this progression, I have constantly looked for golf accessories and apparel that were more geared to women. Much to my dismay, golf still seems to cater to our male counterparts. Not fair!!  Over the years, I have conducted just as much business on the golf course as any of my male counterparts. And, then, it hit me!  Having become tired of the corporate hustle and bustle, I decided to use my years of corporate experience to do something about the lack of female golf accessories and apparel by starting Golf Fore Chicks.

Our mission at Golf for Chicks is simple.  We want to offer female golfers a stylish and comprehensive inventory of golfing apparel and accessories that can be purchased by just clicking on the numerous choices we offer on the Golf for Chicks website.  But more than that, we wanted to make a statement that the female golfer is as important to the golf industry as her male counterparts.  .  Golf Fore Chicks is proof of that.  We want to be your “one stop” shopping destination for all of your golfing needs.  We promise that we will offer you stylish and current options in clothing and accessories that fit the “new” breed of female golfers.  We are not stodgy men who smoke stogies while playing.  No, we are women who not only care what we look like on the golf course, but also like to have fun with accessories like hats, ball markers, and, of course, birdie flasks.  Come join our mission, and let golf be fun again!